Helesinine Consulting

IT risk analysis for ETK

ETK is one of the oldest and largest retail chains in Estonia. Helesinine conducted IT risk analyses

Software development strategic consulting and infosystem sustainability analysis for Viasat AS

Viasat AS is the biggest provider of digital television over the satellites in Estonia. Helesinine helped to improve software project management skills and conducted IS sustainability analysis

Sales process effectiveness and efficiency improvement for Junika Koolitus OÜ

Juunika Koolitus is training company located in Tartu. Helesinine improved sales process using A3 methodology

IS architecture consulting and software projects' supervision for Ministry of Agriculture

Helesinine consulted forming the ministry's infosystems conceptual architecture and long term software development strategy. Also conducted quality control and code audits in different software development projects

IT audit for Estonian Railways

Estonian Railways is 100% Estonian Government held railway infrastructure company. Helesinine conducted IT environment audit

Software and business development consulting at United Skills OÜ

United Skills OÜ is rapidly growing Estonian IT company, which is helping its clients in Estonia and abroad developing innovative strategies and implement these with Internet technologies. Unites Skills is also developing its own product

Software development consultanting at Tieto Estonia AS

Tieto Estonia AS is a subsidiary of Tieto Corporation
Tieto Corporation is the leading IT service company in Northern Europe
Helesinine consults Tieto on agile development model and quality assurance

Training partner at Tallinna Arvutikool OÜ

Tallinna Arvutikool is the oldest IT-training company in Estonia
Helesinine conducts the training How to plan a software project