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Innovative e-receipt will be launched in autumn July 12, 2016

The chief technology officer of e-receipt system is Helesinine CEO Raul Ennus

E-receipt (kviitung.ee) is a service that safely consolidates your sales receipts in one location. This way, you will have a thorough overview of your daily and long-term expenses. In the E-receipt environment, you can view the product manuals of bought goods. And B2B solutions also help to reduce and manage expenses and simplify accounting.

E-receipt service is at the moment in beta testing stage and will be launched on autumn.

E-receipt project consortium is led by Omniva and other consortium partners are: Helesinine Consulting, Telia Eesti, IKT Demokeskus, Authente ja Trinidad Consulting.

Helesinine Consulting is leading e-receipt platform technological solution design and development of software and security architecture. Also supervising and controlling software quality.

Additional to the technology leading, Helesinine was one of the e-receipt service designers, so that e-receipt platform did not become just a safe electronical warehouse for the receipts, but a platform of many services of high added value.

Take a look also at an opening video.

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